Mother’s Month: Mother/Earth Bound/Earthbound Zero

At long last, PSC finally has some new content and I hope that what I have in store was worth the weeks of inactivity.  Today I am unveiling both the creation of a brand spanking new logo and the introduction of videos to the site.  For the first series of PSC videos, which will focus primarily on the history of video games, I will examine one of my favorite video game franchise, which happens to share the same name as the holiday many people in America observed this past Sunday: the RPG series Mother, better known in the West as EarthBound.

Mother is a fairly obscure series with a small, dedicated fanbase that has been trying to get Nintendo to release Mother and Mother 3 in the West for many years.  Last month, fans of the series had some of their prayers finally answered by Nintendo, when Satori Iwata announced on Nintendo Direct (around the 22:30 mark) that EarthBound/Mother 2 will finally make its Western Virtual Console debut (check out more information here).

In honor of the occasion, the next few weeks will be “Mother’s Month” at PSC as I will briefly analyze the Mother series, focusing on each of the three games in this unique series.

First, we will look at the original Mother, released in Japan for the Famicom, known in some Western circles as EarthBound Zero.  I hope you find the videos informative.


About kevinimpellizeri

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in history at the University of Delaware where I am studying the social and cultural impact of video games in America. When I'm not studying history or playing video games I offer my voice on 91.3 WVUD Newark and review bad horror movies at You can follow me on Twitter at @KDImpellizeri
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