About Me

Hello, good netizens!

I am a historian, teacher, and museum professional based in the Greater Philadelphia area.

I graduated in 2006 from Rutgers University with a double major in history and political science with a minor in English. My undergraduate honors thesis examined William Jennings Bryan and the Fundamentalist campaign against evolution during the 1920s. I hold a Masters Degree in History (2009) and a Museum Studies Certificate (2012) from the University of Delaware, where I am currently a Ph.D. candidate. My doctoral dissertation examines the cultural history of home video games in America from 1972-1994, focusing on the negotiation of video game meaning and usage between producers, users, and nonusers.

I have over ten years of teaching experience, both in the classroom and in museums. My teaching philosophy emphasizes interactivity and game-based learning, and I challenge students to explore complex and challenging issues. My past work has examined mass incarceration, human rights during wartime, and the handling of human remains.

I currently work for the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, where I serve as Youth Program Coordinator. *Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on PrimarySourceCode are entirely my own and in no way reflect the opinions held by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.


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